Training Affidavit For California Designated Representatives

YOU NEED A TRAINING AFFIDAVIT — Keep reading, if you need a training affidavit as proof of completing a training program, as part of your license application for: 1) California Designated Representative (wholesaler), 2) California Designated Representative (3PL, third-party logistics provider), or 3) California Designated Representative (reverse distributor).

Buy one of our courses: Designated Representative Training Programs by SkillsPlus Intl Inc. — These online self-study courses cost $525-$625 per student, and they are approved by the California State Board of Pharmacy. Learn more about our California Designated Representative training programs. When you’ve successfully completed a program, simply request your copies of completed training affidavits (they are accepted by the Board).

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Originally published at on February 15, 2017.

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