Some Tips About California Designated Representative Training Affidavits

In general, individuals applying for a designated representative license in California must submit proof that they have completed required training as specified on their applicable license application Training Affidavit form.

The three (3) most common Training Affidavit forms include: 1) wholesaler, 2) 3PL (third-party logistics provider), and 3) wholesaler only acting as a reverse distributor. Each specific Training Affidavit form is unique, and they are not interchangeable.

Training programs approved by the California State Board of Pharmacy (the “Board”) should be providing their students with a completed and signed copy of the applicable Training Affidavit form. The Board will not accept a Training Affidavit that is filled out by someone other than the training program provider.

The Training Affidavit Is Not The Same As The Experience Affidavit

These are two different forms. In general, the Experience Affidavit form attests that the work experience gained by the applicant meets the requirements as required by law.

You Might Need

California Designated Representative Training Programs — Board-approved courses for wholesaler, 3PL, reverse distributors. Earns a training affidavit accepted by the California State Board of Pharmacy.

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