Designated Representative Training Courses — California and Florida

Highly recommended online training courses for Designated Representative license applicants

Designated Representative Training Courses for:

California Board of Pharmacy Designated Representative Training Courses — by SkillsPlus International Inc.

  • If you are applying for a California Designated Representative license, then you’re also going to need to include proof of required training (specifically, a training affidavit) in your license application packet. Earn a training affidavit (accepted by the Board) by taking any one of our three (3) Board-approved courses for: wholesalers, 3PL, reverse distributors.

Florida CDR Training Services — by CDR Resource Center

  • If you are applying for a Florida Certified Designated Representative license, and have permission to take the FL CDR Examination, you might be interested in exam preparation and coaching by CDR Resource Center (Florida based, Florida owned and operated by Florida licensed pharmacists, a Florida barred attorney, and Florida trained inspectors).
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